Exclusive balloon flight

Exclusive balloon flight


First Class Ballooning for max 2 people plus pilot


Further information regarding the flight is detailed below:
– Third party insurance for every passenger of the balloon in-flight is required by law
– Passengers will be asked to arrive at a designated takeoff site and scheduled time provided by the pilot or another employee of First Class Ballooning.
– Before the flight, passengers will have a safety briefing provided by the pilot or crew members to familiarize themselves with the safety procedures that will occur during takeoff, flight and the final landing
– Passengers will be provided with information of specific terms and conditions and asked to sign the risk and release form
– If able, passengers will then be asked to actively take part in the preparation of the balloon for takeoff
– Passengers will then enjoy a scenic balloon flight and land in a new location, as balloons never return to the same starting point.
– Passengers will again be encouraged to assist the Pilot and First Class Ballooning crew members to pack the ballooning equipment
– Each passenger will then receive a commemorative certificate to celebrate the balloon flight experience, as well as a glass of complementary sparkling champagne
– Following pack-up of the equipment, passengers will be taken to the original take-off site from the place of landing in the comfort of 4WD vehicles

1. The ticket / voucher purchase for the flight authorizes the participation in hot air balloon flights organized by the First Class Ballooning-Dariusz Brzozowski. Terms and conditions of the services are enclosed with every ticket. Customers are asked to acquaint themselves with the requirements.

2. The ticket is active and valid only for the period of the chosen ticket option.
2.1. Whilst the tickets are valid for a period of 12 months, the balloon flights take place between 15 April to 15 of October of each year, and therefore, we strongly recommend to use the ticket/voucher purchase within that time period. Additional charges may apply for extension of tickets.

3. At the time of ticket/voucher purchase, the customer is asked to choose the location of the flight:
3.1. Mazurian Lakes: With the approval of the pilot, the customer can choose the takeoff place within a radius of 30 km from the balloon base (Krzyżany 4, 11-520 Ryn), without additional costs. However, for the takeoff site selected more than 30 km away from our ballooning base please, we add shipping cost of 2.0 PLN per kilometre, per balloon in both directions.

4. Choice of ticket:
4.1. For the exclusive flight, there will be a maximum of only 2 passengers. This means that there will be a total of 3 people on board the balloon, which includes the pilot.
To book an exclusive balloon flight, we kindly ask to allow a minimum of seven days in advance. However, successful completion of the flight will be 100% dependent on the weather conditions. The pilot will make a final decision regarding the completion of the flight by taking into account the current weather conditions, as well as other safety factors such as wind speed, rain, low cloud and visibility.

5. The time of the flight given on the ticket is a time stipulated in the contract. However, in the event that the flight is prolonged due to the lack of finding a safe and secure landing field, passengers will not incur additional charges. First Class Ballooning reserves the right to allow approximately +/- 5 minutes flying time.

6. Following the purchase of the ticket/voucher, customers are kindly asked to contact First Class Ballooning over the phone or by e-mail to confirm availabilities in any given preferred dates or time periods.

7. Passengers are asked to be punctual and arrive at the designated takeoff site and the scheduled time by the pilot. Passengers are also asked to provide a copy of the valid ticket for the balloon flight, as passengers without the ticket cannot participate in the flight.

8. Before the flight, all passengers will be required to participate in the safety briefing conducted by the Pilot.

10. After undergoing training before the flight, passengers sign an acceptance of risk and release form, responding hereby, that the passenger has understood the training conducted by the pilot, in particular training in the ban on taking hazardous materials on board. Passengers are advised that any voluntary entry into a sky sport or hazardous environment, including ballooning, is not without some risk and that person must be willing to assume that risk. By signing a risk and release form, customers acknowledge the inherent danger in a balloon expedition and assume all risk and responsibility for their personal safety or loss/damage to property and they release and discharge First Class Ballooning, it’s servants, agents or employees from any and all liability for such risk during the course of the ballooning expedition.

10. In case of lateness for the check-in and safety briefing of more than 15 minutes, the pilot reserves the right to refuse a place in the balloon for the passenger. This can result in missing your balloon flight and forfeiture of the ticket.

11. Throughout the duration of the balloon flight experience, which includes, but is not limited to, the preparation of equipment, takeoff, flight and final landing, all passengers are required to follow the pilots instructions at all times.

12. Passengers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes (e.g. pants), casual but enclosed footwear (e.g. runners), appropriate for the season and time of day. Appropriate headwear (e.g. hats and caps) is also encouraged due to the heat of the burners. Dark colours are recommended as burners can sometimes drip water mixed with Carbon.

13. First Class Ballooning-Dariusz Brzozowski will not be responsible for clothing that is stained or damaged as a part of our adventure activity.

15. Who can participate in a hot air balloon flight?
– Adults (aged 18+) who are in good physical and mental health
– Children above 4 years of age with a parent/guardian (one child for on guardian)
– Passengers with diabetes who use insulin should disclose this to the pilot before the flight

16. Who cannot participate in a hot air balloon flight?
– People with strong fear or phobia of heights
– Women in the 12th week of pregnancy or more
– People with strong orthopedic injuries
– People suffering from any back problems or any other medical/physical condition
– People under the influence of psychotropic drugs
– People under the influence of alcohol and drugs
– Children under the age of 4
17. Only passengers who attended registration, underwent safety briefing training and signed the risk and release form can board the balloon.

18. Balloon flights are possible in stable and predictable weather conditions such as:
– Wind speed below 4 m/sec.
– No storm clouds such as Cb
– No rain
– Temperatures between -15 C to 26 C
– Cloud base not lower than 200 m a.m.s.l

Unfortunately for us the weather is out of our control –so while we try our best to provide the best ballooning experience, our final decision will be based on your safety and the weather conditions.
In case of balloon flight cancellation, passengers can take part in the nearest convenient time.

19. First Class Ballooning – Dariusz Brzozowski conducts both morning and afternoon flight, approximately 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset, weather permitted.

20. The pilot chooses the most appropriate takeoff site by taking into account the weather conditions and ultimate safety of the passengers.

21. What can I bring on board?
Passengers are allowed to bring their own cameras, phones and other technological devices. However, passengers are responsible for protecting their possessions during takeoff, flight and landing, and do not cause any harm to other fellow passengers. First Class Ballooning will not be held responsible for any damage to property.

22. Passengers are not allowed to take on board: cigarettes, any sources of the open fire, drugs, alcohol, glass, weapon, sharp tools and no object from the list of dangerous goods.
During the entire service, there is a total ban on smoking.

23. During the balloon flight , the dropping of items from the basket is strictly prohibited

24. In case of injury to the fellow passengers caused:
– Not following the pilot instructions
– Not following the training rules
– From other causes caused by the passenger

Passenger who caused the injury to the other fellow passengers bears sole civil responsibility.

25. Any comments, complaints, claiming, and reporting of any injury must take a place before service is finished on the day of delivery. After parting with First Class Ballooning employees the claim will not be considered.

26. The ticket /voucher reimbursement of costs is takes place in the following cases:
– The passenger attended a minimum of 3 cancelled flights due to bad weather.

27. First Class Ballooning does not refund the ticket price when:
– The holder of the ticket/voucher doesn’t want to use it
– The holder of the ticket/voucher did not use it in time period on the ticket
– The holder of the ticket/voucher reported desire for using the ticket right at the end of the time period on the ticket and due to unsuitable weather conditions or other prebooked flights did not take advantage of the attraction.

28. Before, during and after takeoff, employees of First Class Ballooning often taken photographs and videos of the adventure. The company FCB-Dariusz Brzozowski can use these media files for marketing and promotional work. The customer taking part in the balloon flight agrees to share his/her image on any social media. By extension, the participating customers also have the right to use these photographs on their social media if they choose to do so.

The exclusive balloon flight costs 3000 PLN with a minimum of one to max two people and pilot no other passengers being onboard. The minimum flight time is 60 minutes from the time that the balloon has taken off to the time of landing. The entire experience lasts about 3 to 4 hours.
The holder of such a ticket is asked to contact First Class Ballooning to confirm the date that he/she is available for the flight and provide general contact information.
As soon as the weather conditions are suitable to conduct a safe and pleasant flight, the staff at First Class Ballooning will personally confirm and inform the passengers of the scheduled flight over the phone or email

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