Individual Clients


  1. Custumers arrive at the takeoff site at the designated time and familiarize themselves  with the terms and conditions,  fill out  the paperwork followed by documents the safety briefing BRIEFING  before the flight
  2. Before the flight all passengers are provided with practical training in flight safety for the take off, flight and landing
  3. Preparation of a hot air balloon for the take off
  4. Scenic hot air balloon flights are either 30 or 60 minutes
  5. The landing place is always an unknown and balloons never returns to the take off point 
  6. Packing up equipment after landing is a part of the experience Commemorative certificates to celebrate landing are issued to each passenger and a glass of sparkling wine is on us
  7. Drop off guests  from the place of landing to the place of departure.


Mazurian Lakes District flights options and prices:

An exclusive flight up to 2 people in a balloon plus a pilot

  • One hour flight – 2400 PLN gross

Flights in a group of more than 4 people

  • Flight time 35 to 45 minutes price per person 486 PLN gross


Podlasie options and prices:

An exclusive flight up to 2 people in a balloon with the pilot

  • price for one hour flight gross 2400 PLN gross

Flights in a group of 4 to 10 people

  • 45 minute price per person 600 PLN gross         


 Warsaw flight options and prices

Balloon flight in a group of 12 people or more:

  • Flight time 30 to 40 minutes price per person 486 PLN Gross

Price includes all the points described above in paragraphs 1-8.

The entire service takes about 3-4 hours.

Flight in a group of 12 people or more:

  • Flight time 30-40 minutes price per person 486 PLN

gross includes all the points described above in paragraphs 1-9. 

The entire service takes about 3-4 hours.




3200PLN gross per person (tandem skydive from a balloon with extra cameramen)




Rent one room (up to 2 people):

price per night per room 250 PLN gross

2-4 nights for room for one night 180 PLN

Prices are negotiable with bookings of 4 or more nights


Renting whole apartment with max 4 adults:

2-4 nights total cost from 200 PLN

Prices are negotiable with bookings of 4 or more nights.

*10% commission pay to booking agents.

*For the flights in locations further than 50 KM from our ballooning base in Krzyżany Nr 4 , 11-520 Ryn , please add shipping cost of 3,0 PLN per kilometer per balloon.